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Murphy's Fireplace & Stove Inc. Service – Albany, OR

Chimney Repair and Sweeping Company near Albany, Oregon

Murphy's Fireplace & Stove Inc. Service is a locally owned and operated chimney service located near Albany, Oregon. Since 2000, we have prided ourselves on quality fireplace masonry and the cleaning of brick and wood stove chimneys.

Inspection of New and Existing Chimney Masonry

The functionality and safety of a home’s chimney can be compromised by several subtle factors. Structurally, being above the roof can make a home’s chimney susceptible to the four seasons we experience in the Albany area.

Given our damp climate, brick chimneys can be prone to water leaks. From water running down the flue, to lime deposits that form along the brick, Murphy's Fireplace & Stove Inc. Service troubleshoots each home uniquely to customize repair and cleaning recommendations.

The Right Chimney Service and Cleaning for Your Home

Whether it is chimney flashing to properly seal the area in and around a water leak, or relining the chimney’s flue, we identify the source and advise of the most economical and effective repair. Similarly, our chimney cleaning will factor in the unique requirements of an offset flue to use the most appropriate rods and brushes.

Choices in Repair and Service

Our workmanship and experience allows us to both repair and build brick chimneys or sell and install wood burning stoves. The brick and mortar masonry of our new chimneys minimizes the cracks and gaps that can trap water over time. Murphy’s chimney repair can also restore the efficiency of your brick chimney by filling crevasses in the mortar to stop water from accumulating, and eventually running down the flue.

From a metal liner for a straight flue chimney, to ensuring the buildup of flammable materials in your wood burning stove or brick fireplace has not reached dangerous levels, Murphy's Fireplace & Stove Inc. Service offers a comprehensive suite of chimney services

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