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Murphy's Fireplace & Stove Inc. Service – Stayton, OR

Chimney Sweep and Service near Stayton, Oregon

With over 12 years of experience, Murphy's Fireplace & Stove Inc. Service offers complete cleaning and sweeping services of brick chimneys, and wood or brick fireplaces near Stayton and the surrounding area.

The benefits of a quality chimney service are often not clear to many homeowners. Since 2000, Murphy’s has improved the air quality and function of many chimneys in our community.

An Overview of our Process and the Benefits

A thorough cleaning of the flue removes the soot that can wear away a brick chimney’s mortar and lining. These factors can increase the risk of a chimney fire if not properly addressed.

Depending on a straight or offset flue, we use the most appropriate brushes and rods to remove the harmful material that can corrode your chimney’s lining. As a full service chimney sweeping company, we can also build a new chimney with quality masonry that is guaranteed for workmanship and quality.

Whether existing or new chimney masonry, a home’s chimney will experience improved heating and less smoking as a result of improved diameter in the flue for smoke to travel through. Particularly for older homes, or those with wood burning stoves, the improved heating may dramatically improve energy efficiency.

The improved efficiency also reduces unpleasant odors associated with a dirty chimney lining and the corresponding dirt and soot.

From selling wood pellets and new stoves from our retail location, or mobile chimney cleaning; Murphy's Fireplace & Stove Inc. Service will make your home’s chimney and wood burning fireplace safer and more efficient.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. For priority scheduling in the Stayton area, please call us at (503) 967-3229.

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